Monday 8 December 2014


Van Damme/Stallone

Maya/After Effects


Maya model/rig/animation : render raw : add vignette : gamma correction : brightness/contrast

Lens flare : hue/saturation : gaussian blur : dust/noise : raw water render

water overlayed : water clipping masked : gaussian blur : hue/saturation : brightness/contrast 

arms overlaid on top of water : buckle overlaid on top of water : add noise/grain : final grade




Tuesday 8 July 2014


Some of these sketches are a month old. Some of these sketches are a year and a half old. Each took about two minutes. Some took five seconds (i think you know which ones). Selected from three different sketchbooks.
Di Coke Zero, Bar soap, Home food, real milk, present for Anton + Parisians walkin'

This lady was pretty regular on my train, so much so that I've uploaded two drawings of her, each drawn on separate train rides. 

When i drew this drawing i was standing to this lady's left (obviously) you know in that standing section on the train? the one for winners? The previous drawing of this book connoisseur was made as i sat across from her, you know in that sitting section on the train? the one for losers?

The bad boy on the left was standing in the winners section, that page was drawn up before i knew how to draw hands the way i draw em' now.

'the way i draw em' now'

Diamond face! As if i'm not going to draw you bro! (he had a sweet diamond face!) shout out to Annie on da left.

Sunday 1 June 2014


Yoooooooooooooo i missed you.
I haven't posted here in a long time,
I haven't been at my favourite cafe as much as i'd like to
I haven't been to see my barber as much as i need to.

This dude was waiting for someone, i know that because he never looked my way. I told the student i'm tutoring to draw him a few times.

Monday 21 October 2013


Sometimes, you end up looking like a dude but how good's the food?

I'm doing this thing (when i remember to), where I draw Annie on the napkins of everyplace we go out to eat.

the Meeting Point


Saturday 7 September 2013


"Oh check out that chick! She just threw up on that dudes fly!"
"My daughter's a harlot Harry"
"I know John, she is"

"Oh my god she's back! Is THAT blood?"
"No no no, it's just wine."

Friday 9 August 2013


 I call this one 'pondering life without chemically altered alteration'
I call this one 'my ass ain't payin no shit for no taft!'
 I call this one 'I spend far too much time looking at bright surfaces' 
I call this one 'I need that fucking hair tie!'

Tuesday 16 July 2013


Yours is a love that is fire, aloft mountains, a glorious blaze.
I've been wearing the same sweatpants for four straight days.